Colorado voter turnout was 2nd in the nation


Colorado is the fifteenth most politically engaged state based on voter registration, turnout and political donations, a new survey found.

“According to Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans giving money to a political candidate doubled from 6% to 12% between 1992 and 2016,” wrote SmartAsset, the financial modeling company that undertook the survey. “It’s a way for voters to put their money with their mouth is and take an active stand in the political process, something that is top of mind during an election year.”

SmartAsset relied on voter-eligibility data from the U.S. Census Bureau and income and political donation figures from

Colorado ranked between Massachusetts and Vermont, with turnout in the 2018 general election at 53.8% for those older than 18 who cast a ballot. Nearly 61% of Colorado’s voting-eligible population is registered, and the average political donation per adult in 2018 was $12.

Maine was selected as the most politically-engaged state, with nearly 65% voter turnout in 2018 and 77% of its voting-eligible population registered. Wyoming also ranked highly, with an average donation per adult being $41.79 in 2018.

Iowa and New Hampshire, the first states to hold presidential primary elections, did not appear as far up the list as Colorado. The least-engaged state was Hawaii, where less than half of adult citizens are registered to vote.

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