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In this file photo, Colorado Democratic Party chair Morgan Carroll addresses the party's state central committee on Saturday, March 20, 2021, during its biennial reorganization meeting. The party is sponsoring a series of virtual town halls through the year.

The Colorado Democratic Party is sponsoring a series of virtual town halls devoted to contentious issues through the year, featuring experts and elected officials in what the party says are intended to be conversations that lead to solutions.

Dubbed Colorado Conversations, the 90-minute online meet-ups are set to cover topics ranging from agriculture and education to voting rights and the criminal justice system.

The state Democrats' next town hall will be about LGBTQ equality and gender equity, from 6-7:30 p.m. June 17.

“We are committed to reaching out to every Coloradan on issues that matter," state party chair Morgan Carroll told Colorado Politics in a statement. "We believe it is healthy for people to listen and learn from other people, hear from elected officials addressing real-world problems, and ultimately know that they have the power to be part of the solution."

Added Carroll: "As the GOP leadership has become more ideological and is lacking in ideas or functional leadership, the Democrats are now the place where conversations can be had about how we actually create a better future together.”

The party has scheduled two of the conversations each month through November — including meetings on "Colorado agriculture and feeding our families" and "parenting in the age of COVID" in July — capped by a single meeting in early December about immigration reform.

While state Democrats are slowly returning to in-person events as pandemic-related restrictions lift, Carroll said the party plans to continue holding the town halls online so that people from all over the state can take part.

Find the full schedule and register to participate in the town halls here.

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