Harvey Park Recreation Center, one of many polling centers in Denver

Poll workers say it's been a quiet, slow morning of voting, but that things are starting to pick up.  

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce on Thursday released endorsements for the state House and Senate elections, choosing almost all Republican candidates.

The chamber is backing 43 candidates in the 82 legislative races in the November general election. Of the endorsed candidates, 35 are Republicans and 8 are Democrats. The chamber said it chose its candidates based on their support and commitment to local businesses, as well as their willingness to work across party lines.

“We need legislators who are committed to supporting the state’s business community at the Capitol,” said Chamber CEO Loren Furman. “The candidates we’ve chosen to endorse have all demonstrated a dedication to working with the business community to support forward-thinking policies that will promote job creation and opportunity for all Coloradans.”

The chamber backed 20 new Republican candidates. Notably, it chose Republican newcomers Jaylen Mosqueira, Ryan Gonzalez and Stephen Varela over their Democratic incumbent opponents, Rep. David Ortiz, Rep. Mary Young and Sen. Nick Hinrichsen, respectively. The chamber also selected Republican newbies Matt Soloman, Tim Walsh and Tom Kim over House Democrats seeking to enter the Senate: Rep. Dylan Roberts, Rep. Lisa Cutter and Rep. Tom Sullivan.

In the battle for Senate District 11, one of the only races featuring two sitting lawmakers competing against each other, the chamber endorsed Republican Sen. Dennis Hisey over Democratic Rep. Tony Exum.

The chamber also threw its support behind more than a dozen Republican lawmakers running for reelection or for a new office, including Sen. Rob Woodward for Senate District 15, Rep. Mark Baisley for Senate District 4, Rep. Janice Rich for Senate District 7, Rep. Mary Bradfield for House District 21, Rep. Perry Will for House District 57 and Rep. Stephanie Luck for House District 60.

Seven of the eight Democrat candidates selected are also already lawmakers: Sen. Robert Rodriguez for Senate District 32, Rep. Julie McCluskie for House District 13, Rep. Marc Snyder for House District 18, Rep. Lindsey Daugherty for House District 24, Rep. Shannon Bird for House District 29, Rep. Mandy Lindsay for House District 42 and Rep. Barbara McLachlan for House District 59.

The only new Democrat endorsed by the chamber is William Lindstedt, a Broomfield City Council member who is running for House District 33. A vacancy committee selected Lindstedt in May to replace Rep. Matt Gray on the primary ballot after Gray was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The chamber's full list of endorsed candidates can be accesses on cochamber.com

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