Tami Maldonado-Vega and Jose Beteta

Tami Maldonado-Vega and Jose Beteta are the co-founders of Raíces Brewing Company in Denver.

The Colorado Business Roundtable has launched a statewide campaign to highlight business owners, managers and employees in its “Faces of Business” series.

The roundtable will highlight 20 people from a cross-section of Colorado in what the coalition hopes will be an "uplifting, non-political and non-partisan" experience.

Faces of Biz: Habab, Lewis and Hayes

Habab Bala, Lloyd Lewis and Helen Hayes are in the inaugural class of honorees of the Colorado Busines Roundtables's statewide Faces of Business.

The first honorees are:

The point is to demonstrate that Colorado businesses run on people.

“Business is a force for good for Colorado,” Debbie Brown, president of the coalition said in a statement. "When business succeeds, communities succeed, we all succeed. That is the core message of the Colorado Business Roundtable.

“Behind each business are people who represent and lead their businesses. They come from every walk of life. They are part of our communities. They are our neighbors.”

They were first announced to members and guests of the business coalition's Feb. 22 State of the State virtual event with Gov. Jared Polis.

Learn more about the campaign by clicking here

“Business can be challenging, especially now," Brown added. "But it’s always exciting, energizing, fulfilling and rewarding.

“Our Faces of Business reflect the Colorado independent spirit. They are filled with purpose, pride and passion. And they love giving back to our communities.”

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Jon Caldara: "Per capita, we voluntarily donate about seven times as much as continental Europeans. In Europe people see little reason to give more of their own money when so much is being forcibly taken by taxes and redistributed by the state for 'what charity used to do.' "

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