Marijuana Legalization Landscape pot

A marijuana plant is visible at Compassionate Care Foundation's medical marijuana dispensary in Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

Of the 33 states that have legalized retail and/or medical marijuana, Colorado has one of the highest rates of per capita dispensaries, as well as tax revenue.

Verilife, a dispensary company with locations in six states, found that Colorado had 14.1 dispensaries per 100,000 residents as of 2018. That trailed three other states: Oregon, with 16.5 dispensaries per 100,000 people; Oklahoma, with 15.6; and Montana with 15.1.

As of the beginning of 2020, Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division listed 572 retail stores and 438 licensed medical marijuana stores. Oregon, Verilife found, had over 660 stores.

Marijuana tax revenue in Colorado was $266 million, behind only California and Washington. Oregon ranked a distant fourth, with $94.4 million in revenue. Verlife found that Oregon was not the only state with a discrepancy between the prevalence of dispensaries and the tax money collected.

“It’s interesting to note that while Oklahoma has the most marijuana dispensaries per capita, it has generated the least amount of tax revenue from cannabis out of all the states where marijuana is legal,” Verilife wrote. Oklahoma voters legalized marijuana in June 2018.

Within Colorado, Pueblo had the highest rate of dispensaries, at 16.6 per 50,000 residents. Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs all ranked in the top 15 cities nationwide. Missoula, Mont., had the highest per capita rate, at 18.1 dispensaries per 50,000 residents.

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