Club 20

Club 20 executive director Christian Reece says leaders of the Western Slope civic and business organization said they were "astonished" when former Gov. John Hickenlooper declined to debate in Grand Junction next month, and so far hasn't scheduled any Western Slope debates with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner during a press conference on Monday, Aug. 10, 2020.

Club 20, the largest civic and business group on Colorado's Western Slope, announced its position on three statewide ballot measures Friday.

The executive committee:

Opposes Amendment 78, which would require a specific vote of the legislature every time a state agency allocates money. Agencies now can spend revenue collected for a specific purpose in most cases. State transportation, appointed by the governor, picks road, bridge and transit projects. Additionally the amendment would stop the governor from unilaterally spending money, such as during an emergency declaration.

Opposes Proposition 120, which would reduce residential property tax assessment rate from 7.15% to 6.5% and the non-residential assessments from 29% to 26.4%, while allowing state government to retain $25 million in revenue above the state's constitutional spending cap for five years.

Took no position on Proposition 119, which would raise taxes on marijuana sales to benefit the Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, which would include tutoring and other out-of-school education opportunities for students.

The executive committee is made up of chair Merrit Linke, chair-elect Brad McCloud, immediate past chair Cindy Dozier, secretary Rachel Richards, treasurer Vance Wagner, membership chair Ray Beck, Mary Jo Coulehan, Nancy Fishering, Tom Harned and Jeff Comstock.

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