There’s are a lot of good reasons why they don’t call it global warming anymore, and Saturday revealed a good one as snow fell on downtown Denver’s People’s Climate March.

Denver’s march on climate change was one of dozens across the country to protest President Trump’s climate change policies and deep cuts into regulatory agencies. Even the Western regional office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Denver is at risk of shuttering.

And while it was in the 90s in the nation’s Capitol, it was snowy and wet in downtown Denver. Still, thousands showed up. (I didn’t. Jessica Goad with Conservation Colorado and Kaili Lambe of People’s Climate of Colorado sent me some pictures and stuff.)

I didn’t go because it was cold and wet, and I didn’t want to take off my pajamas in time to get downtown.

Not that it mattered in my case, but Western Wire, an online news service for the oil and gas industry, on Friday had story that left an impression the thing was called off.

Aaron Johnson, the vice president of public affairs for the affiliated Western Energy Alliance, e-mailed the story to reporters Friday afternoon.

The un-bylined article began:

The threat of a major snowstorm is already putting Denver-area climate marches on ice. With the Washington Post reporting on how the “sweltering heat” in our nation’s capital is providing a relevant backdrop for the “People’s Climate March” tomorrow, the foot of snow expected in Colorado tomorrow has already postponed one of the several planned protests in the state.

The article goes on to cite a Facebook post about the event in Colorado Springs being cancelled. The story, however, makes mentions of Denver, including a forecast of 12 inches of snow in the metro area, but never says whether its event is cancelled or a go.

I e-mailed Johnson to ask about the “Denver-area climate marches” the article refers to,  and why an industry site is doing a weather story and sending it out to reporters who might be thinking about covering the event.

He replied that the story specifically cites the Colorado Springs event. “And where exactly in the story did we dissuade reporters from going?” he wrote about the story e-mailed to reporters.

The Western Wire article failed to mention the Colorado Springs march was moved to Sunday at 1:30 p.m. beginning at Colorado Springs City Hall.

Thousands reportedly marched in downtown Denver Saturday, despite the weather, judging by the photos and Twitter traffic.

The protest against Trump was predictably political, it sounds like. The Washington Post’s lead story on its website Saturday was about how grassroots activists would try to keep up the pressure at least through next year’s mid-term election.

Besides rank-and-file folks who took on the elements Saturday, youth activists and members of the American Indian Movement of Colorado joined environmental organizations and public officials such as Rep. Joe Salazar, a candidate for attorney general next year.

The march also included a labor union, members of Service Employees International Union Local 105 in Denver.

“Greedy corporations are continuously putting profits over people and the environment, as a union member and working mom, I can’t stand by and let them threaten the very air we breathe and water we drink,” Tikdem Atsbaha, a janitor at Denver International Airport, said in a press release from the environmental groups.

The event included a rising young Democrat, 18-year-old Auontai “Tay” Anderson, the student body president at Manual High who is running for the Denver Public Schools Board, who got in a bit of a fuss at the Capitol recently.

“This is about our future,” he said in a statement. “That’s why it’s so important that young people get engaged, get active and vote.”

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