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Boulder, CO, USA - February 10, 2015: The University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, Colorado. (iStock)

The University of Colorado's Board of Regents voted Thursday against giving its students a 20% tuition reduction for the spring semester, citing faculty concerns about budget cuts that the reduction would require.

The proposal would've cut tuition for all full-time students this spring, while also eliminating certain student fees. But it was shot down by a 6 to 3 vote, after the faculty and staff councils issued a joint resolution opposing it, for fear of further budget reductions. Regent Linda Shoemaker said that the tuition reduction would require further budget reductions.

Faculty Council chair Joanne Addison told the board before the vote that faculty and staff supported tuition help for students but that the proposal would place too much burden on the university system.

The councils' resolution asked that should the board move forward, that a "dollar-by-dollar" breakdown of how the rebate would be paid for. It also asked that if a rebate was provided, that it not hurt students or teachers. 

Board member Heidi Ganahl, who supported the rebate, read a prepared statement before the vote. She said that the board should support students and families amid a pandemic that's dealt a body blow to many families' finances and that the system should join efforts elsewhere to help give students' tuition relief.

Similar efforts have indeed been launched elsewhere. In Wyoming, for instance, Gov. Mark Gordon gave more than $3,000 to all Wyoming residents attending the state's university or one of its community colleges.

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