A vandal gained entry into the state Capitol over the weekend, damaging two busts and a sculpture.

Sources told Colorado Politics that the male vandal -- whose picture

is now in the possession of the Colorado State Patrol -- chucked the busts and sculpture over a railing from the second floor to the first floor, damaging floor tiles on the north end of the Capitol.

The busts and sculpture are all metal and very heavy. The damage is only to the bases of that artwork, not the sculptures themselves, sources said.

Denver Police spokesman Jay Casillas says the damaged busts were discovered when firefighters responded to a fire alarm at about 5 a.m. Sunday.

Casillas said there was no sign of forced entry into the building. He said it's still unclear if anything was stolen.

The artwork that was damaged:

  • A bust of former Democratic state Rep. Richard Castro of Delta, who was among the youngest ever elected to the General Assembly, at age 25. He served from 1975 to 1983. Castro resigned his seat in 1983 to lead the Denver Agency for Human Rights & Community Relations, where he served until his death, at age 44 from an aneurysm, in 1991. Castro was an early leader in Denver's Hispanic movement.
  • A bust of Republican Gov. John Vanderhoof of Rocky Ford, who served in the House and Senate from 1951 to 1970. Vanderhoof was Speaker of the House from 1963-64 and President of the Senate from 1971 to 1973. In 1972 he was elected Lieutenant Governor and became Colorado's 37th governor when Gov. John Love was  appointed head of the office of National Energy Policy in the Nixon administration. Vanderhoof lost a bid for a full term in the 1974 election to Gov. Richard Lamm.
  • A sculpture known as "The Plainswoman," donated to the General Assembly last year. That sculpture was in a wooden case outside the House. A lower section of the case's glass was shattered.

The Associated Press contributed.

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