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The lawsuit against ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy will continue in Boulder District Court after Judge Judith LaBuda denied Suncor Energy’s motion to move the case to Denver.

The climate liability lawsuit was filed in April 2018 by the city and county of Boulder and San Miguel County, demanding that the two oil companies pay their fair share of the costs associated with climate change impacts.

“After a year of climate-fueled wildfires and poor air quality, it is clear that the climate crisis is profoundly impacting Boulder County,” said Matt Jones with the Boulder County Board of County Commissioners.

The lawsuit alleges that Boulder and San Miguel will pay $100 million over the next three decades to deal with the impacts of climate change caused by fossil fuel products associated with ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy.

“Our communities will continue to face the rising costs associated with climate change,” Jones said. “As such, we believe that these companies’ roles in altering climate should be considered by a Boulder County jury.”

In addition to keeping the lawsuit in Boulder District Court, LaBuda also ruled to move San Miguel County's portions of the lawsuit to Boulder to hear the case together — another request from Suncor Energy.

Marco Simons from Earth Rights International, one of the organizations assisting Boulder and San Miguel in the lawsuit, said the decision to move the cases together makes sense.

“San Miguel County is pleased that the court is continuing to allow us to seek financial assistance from Suncor and Exxon,” said Hilary Cooper with the San Miguel County Board of Commissioners.

“We do not think those costs should be the full responsibility of our taxpayers.”

Though ExxonMobil did not join Suncor Energy’s motion, San Miguel County’s claims against ExxonMobil will also continue in Boulder County, as allowed by LaBuda’s ruling.

Boulder and San Miguel are also receiving legal support from the Hannon Law Firm and Niskanen Center in this lawsuit.

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