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The flatirons behind a classroom building on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder Colorado.

Six Boulder County offices and departments will begin shifting to a four-day work week beginning in 2021.

The move is part of the county's four-day work week pilot program that will analyze the productivity, public satisfaction and cost savings after the four-month trial concludes in April 2021. 

Michelle Krezek, the chief of staff for the county's Commissioners' Office said the move will continue to provide residents access to public services, while also potentially saving money for taxpayers and creating a better work environment.

"One of the surprising benefits coming from the COVID-19 closure of public buildings is that Boulder County has been able to give residents more options for accessing many public services, which don't require driving to physical offices during specific business hours," said Krezek.

"These changes have also allowed us to rethink how our employees provide these service which allows for expanded access for the public, cost savings for the taxpayers and potentially, a better work environment for our employees."

The pilot program follows Adams and Jefferson counties' shifting from five-day work weeks to four, according to a news release. 

Boulder County's Assessor's Office, Board of County Commissioners, Clerk and Recorder Office, Human Resources Department, Community Planning and Permitting Department (beginning Feb. 1) and Public Works Department are involved in the pilot program.

Offices and departments that operate 24/7 -- like local law enforcement, public safety, emergency services and snow removal -- are not impacted. The 20th Judicial District Courts will continue working five days a week.

Officials say extending office hours by an hour Monday through Thursday will provide county residents more flexibility and will decrease the energy use and operating costs. 

In addition to extended hours, officials will be have time to return phone calls, reply to emails, or catch up on projects and administrative work, officials said.

The pilot program will begin on Jan. 4 and can be ended at any time. If the program carries through April 2021, county officials will analyze the data and feedback from the six offices and departments to determine whether a four-day work week suffices. 

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