After big-name Democrats have tried and failed to unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in the 6th Congressional District, two newcomers you probably haven’t heard of are giving it try.

Thursday Aurora lawyer David Aarestad said he’s going to run against the never-beaten politician next year. He said in a lengthy statement he was moved to run “because families in this district NEED a representative who understands their struggles and works to solve the problems they face.”

His previous political experience was an unsuccessful run for the Cherry Creek school board two years ago.

Denver attorney Jason Crow, another political unknown, said he, too, would take on Coffman next year.

Coffman is a five-time incumbent, well-financed and backed by one of the best political teams in the game, based on awards it received for last year’s convincing win over former state senator and now state Democratic Party chair Morgan Carroll.

In 2014, Coffman beat another skilled and well-financed candidate, former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff. Both wins were  surprisingly easy in a closely divided district.

“I decided to run after hearing Congressman Coffman endorse Trumpcare,” Aarestad said in his statement, first reported by Ernest Luning of The Colorado Statesman.  “I was appalled by his decision, because I understand personally how harmful Trumpcare would be to families throughout this district, this great state, and this incredible country.”

Aarestad said he thought of when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their son was five months old and their daughter was two years old.

“We did not know what the next few months would bring,” he stated.  “Would my children grow up knowing their mother? If I lost my job, how long could I afford COBRA? My wife would be either in cancer treatment or a cancer survivor, so any lapse in coverage and what would we have? My daughter has Down syndrome, so we depend on our health insurance.  What would happen to her?”

Coffman was the only member of the Colorado congressional delegation to publicly support the failed Republican health care plan last month.

Editor’s note: This blog was updated to remove an inaccurate statement that Crow had not reached out to Colorado Politics. The campaign has talked to Peter Marcus, who didn’t mention it to this now-shamed reporter who alleged otherwise.

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