It's crunch time in the legislature, and on this week's "Colorado Politicking," legislative reporter Pat Poblete and chief legislative reporter Marianne Goodland tell us what's on the table, with an analysis from senior writer Joey Bunch.

Major bills, on public option, transportation, climate, taxes and prescription drugs, are "really starting to move, and that takes up a long time," Goodland said.

There have been particularly long nights at the Capitol, Goodland said, with three hearings going as late as midnight this week, and that also "eats up a lot of the agenda."

The public option bill and a bill to put a price cap on prescription drugs are the most time-consuming, Goodland said. "We're hearing rumors that there are going to be some weekends involved."

"But we have hundreds of bills that are still waiting to go through the process," she said. "So in a three-week time, that means things are going to be moving very quickly."

Bunch provides his seasoned analysis, noting that "They say politics is theater for ugly people, but it's a little homelier than usual this week."

"We've got more drama than usual at the end of the session," Bunch said, bringing up the numerous caucus busters and the climate change bill that Gov. Jared Polis has threatened to veto.

"I'm seeing fault lines and fractures that I've never seen before," Bunch said.

"It's hard to see the political upshot is here based on conventional wisdom when what we have is not conventional and I'd struggle to call it wisdom."

Watch the video and find related background reading below:

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