The 2021 session is finally over, and in this episode of Colorado Politicking, legislative reporter Pat Poblete, chief legislative reporter Marianne Goodland and senior reporter Joey Bunch sum up the highs and lows from the session, and how they could affect the upcoming election year.

"We saw a lot of bold, progressive ideas that Democrats ran on in the 2020 election," Goodland said, referencing the transportation bill, paid leave bill and gun legislation.

"You also saw a session that was extremely mentally stressful," Goodland added, saying the decorum in the House was "hit or miss."

Bunch pointed out that moderate votes will be more competitive in 2022 when the redistricting maps come out.

"Democrats think they had a great session because they crossed off all the boxes on the progressive wishlist," he said, "but I think half of Colorado would say they had a horrible session ... they passed a lot of tax increases that would never happen on the ballot."

The legislative buffs turned towards what the upcoming election year will look like.

"Redistricting is going to be the watchword for the next year," Goodland predicted. 

"When we get to see those maps," she said, "we'll have a much better picture of the kind of legislation you're going to see in the 2022 session, because you're going to have lawmakers not wanting to risk their seats ... I think you're going to see a lot of moderation."

Bunch said that Democrats' big wins this year appeared to be more of a "Trojan horse" that otherwise voters wouldn't approve of. Whether Republicans take advantage that is up to them.

"I look for more fireworks and less substance," Bunch said, "because it's an election year and that's what we do."

And in an analytical game you won't want to miss, Poblete, Goodland and Bunch spill who they think were the most successful lawmakers this session, and who appeared to trip up. But to find out their answers, you'll have to watch below:


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