Colorado Capitol Dome

Here are legislative committee hearings and other events of note for the week ahead at the Colorado state Capitol.

Committee schedules are subject to change. The daily schedule is available on the legislature’s website.

Testimony and safety protocols for testifying in person at the state Capitol: 

"Members of the public and the lobby may submit written testimony on any bill from the time the bill is scheduled until the committee takes action on the bill. Remote testimony will also be available through the Colorado General Assembly website. Members of the public and the lobby are encouraged to participate remotely in lieu of testifying in person. Our goal is to increase public accessibility as much as possible while ensuring safety in the Capitol.

"Members of the public, lobbyists and staff who participate in a committee hearing in person must wear a mask for the duration of the committee hearing and maintain social distancing while in the audience. Individuals providing testimony in person will register to testify by filling out an electronic form, rather than a paper sheet. The form will be available one hour before the scheduled start time of the bill hearing."

House procedures for remote testimony, including how to sign up, can be found here.

Senate procedures for remote testimony, including how to sign up, can be found here.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Joint Budget Committee will begin meeting April 29 as the conference committee on Senate Bill 205, the 2021-22 state budget, to resolve differences between the House and Senate versions. Background here and here.


1:30 p.m. House Agriculture, Livestock & Water Committee, Room 107

  • HB 1268, Titone and Will — Study Emerging Technologies For Water Management

1:30 p.m. Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Room 357

  • SB 239, Kolker and Zenzinger — 2-1-1 Statewide Human Services Referral System
  • HB 1122, Kolker — First Responder Interactions Persons With Disabilities


Upon adjournment, House Health & Insurance Committee, Room 112

  • HB 1232, Roberts and Jodeh — Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option. Background here.

2 p.m., Senate Transportation and Energy Committee, Room 357

  • HB 1186, Winter and Bridges — Regional Transportation District Operation
  • SB 238, Garcia and Zenzinger — Create Front Range Passenger Rail District. Background here. 

2 p.m., Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, Old Supreme Court

  • HB 1231, Fields and Bridges — United States Space Force. Background here. 
  • HB 1212, Coram and Fields — Diversity Of Governor's Appointments To Boards. Background here.  
  • SCR 1, Lundeen — Legislative Oversight Of Governor Emergency Powers


Upon adjournment, House Business Affairs & Labor Committee, Room 112

  • HB 1285, Benavidez and Herod — Funding To Support Creative Arts Industries (part of the Colorado Recovery Plan stimulus). Background here.

Upon adjournment, Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, Old Supreme Court

  • SB 234, Jaquez Lewis and Sonnenberg — General Fund Transfer Agriculture And Drought Resiliency

Upon adjournment, Senate Education Committee, Room 357

  • HB 1087, Danielson — Teaching And Learning Conditions Survey
  • HB 1067, Story and Buckner — College Admission Use Of National Test Score

1:30 p.m., House Judiciary Committee, Old Supreme Court

  • SB 81, Michaelson Jenet — Measures To Prevent The Misuse Of Safe2Tell
  • HB 1215, Holtorf and Ortiz — Expansion Of Justice Crime Prevention Initiative
  • HB 1251, Caraveo and Herod — Appropriate Use Of Chemical Restraints On A Person. Background here. 


Upon adjournment, House State, Civic, Military & Veterans Affairs Committee, Legislative Services Building, Room A (LSB-A)

  • HB 1257, Garnett and Neville — Recognition Of Veterans In Capitol Complex Parks
  • SB 188, Duran and Ortiz — Ballot Access For Voters With Disabilities. Background here. 

1:30 p.m., House Education Committee, Room 107

  • SB 172, Gonzales-Gutierrez and Ortiz — Educator Pay Raise Fund
  • SB 8, Holtorf — Remove Junior From Certain College Names. Background here. 

1:30 p.m., House Energy & Environment Committee, Room 271 (Old State Library)

  • SB 72, A. Valdez and Catlin — Public Utilities Commission Modernize Electric Transmission Infrastructure

1:30 p.m., Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, Old Supreme Court

  • SB 235, Jaquez Lewis — Stimulus Funding Department Of Agriculture Efficiency Programs (part of the Colorado Recovery Plan stimulus). Background here.
  • SB 240, Danielson and Simpson — Watershed Restoration Grant Program Stimulus (part of the Colorado Recovery Plan stimulus). Background here.

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