Holbert birthday

The Senate's Capitol Choir from left Sens. Rachel Zenzinger of Arvada, Julie Gonzales of Denver, Steve Fenberg of Boulder, Rhonda Fields of Aurora and Paul Lundeen of Monument sing "Happy Birthday" to Senate Republican leader Chris Holbert of Parker on Friday, Feb. 7, 2020.

The Capitol Choir is no doubt the best caucus under the gold dome, and Friday's harmony, as it was, reminded a cynical watcher of politics that there's still some good bipartisan fellowship around.

The Republican leader in the upper chamber, Chris Holbert of Parker, turned a ripe old 59 on Thursday. Friday his fellow lawmakers, from the left and right, caught up with the elusive birthday boy to light up the chamber with a sing-a-long.

The House and Senate choirs are members who like to sing who lead the way when a lawmakers flip over another year on the calendar.

A hum signals the flock to the tune, before they stumbled through the octaves, putting smiles on faces in a place where furrowed brows and awkward stares are in residence.

"Happy birthday to you," the four Democrats and one Republican in the choir began.

"One of these keys," harmonized Sen. Paul Lundeen, R-Monument, in the break.

And so it went after the Senate was in session three hours on a snowy Friday.

The rest of the choir included Democratic Sens. Rachel Zenzinger of Arvada, Julie Gonzales of Denver, Steve Fenberg of Boulder and Rhonda Fields of Aurora.

“I managed to escape the singing of Happy Birthday on a Thursday, which was actually my 59th birthday," Holbert said via text. "As a Republican, sharing February 6 as a birthday with the Great One, Ronald Wilson Reagan, I tend to defer recognition to him on that day.

"President (Leroy) Garcia was determined, though, and the Capitol Choir caught up with me on Friday. I told them that they wouldn’t need to bother next year because I plan to be 59 for many years to come!"

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