Steve Fenberg

Colorado state Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, D-Boulder

State Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg told his constituents Colorado is in line for some of the $1.2 trillion from the federal infrastructure package.

Fenberg didn't give all the credit to his fellow Democrats for the bipartisan legislation, but noted "[W]e're about to see one of President Biden's top priorities become reality."

The list included:

  • $3.7 billion for highways
  • $916 million for public transportation
  • $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs
  • $432 million for airports
  • $57 million to expand the electric vehicle charging network (plus potentially $2.5 billion in grant funding)
  • $688 million for water infrastructure
  • $35 million for wildfire prevention
  • "Tens of millions of dollars" to cap orphaned oil and gas wells
  • At least $100 million for broadband coverage
  • $16 million to protect against cyberattacks

President Joe Biden is expected to sign the legislation at a ceremony on Monday. The House of Representatives passed the package last week. The Senate passed it in August.

"We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Colorado leaders in Congress who pushed to get the best possible bill to Biden's desk," Fenberg said in the email blast. "They worked extremely hard to make sure as many Colorado priorities as possible were included in the bill."

He said the money spent over the next five years in Colorado is "going to create thousands of jobs in our communities, supporting our ongoing economic recovery."

This article has been updated to correct a spelling mistake.

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