Ray Scott

Brian Cain with Extraction Oil & Gas (left) and Colorado state Sen. Ray Scott at the Colorado Politics party at Ironworks in Denver on April 11, 2019. 

State Sen. Ray Scott picked up a critical endorsement in his bid for political life after the legislature.

Scott opted to run for Mesa County Commission this year, two years after winning a second term in Denver. Thursday, the current District 1 commissioner, John Justman of Fruita, threw his support behind Scott.

Justman is term-limited.

"I have looked at both candidates to fill my seat when I leave office in January of next year," he said in an endorsement letter. "I want to make sure my seat is in good hands and I also want to make sure the next commissioner has a clear understanding of just how hard this job is and what will be expected especially in some very difficult times ahead with the uncertainty of COVID-19 on our community.

"The next Commissioner in District 1 should have a good understanding of agriculture issues and water because they are the lifeblood of Mesa County. Ray Scott has a family farm, so he has experience with both agriculture and water rights."

Scott, who has served in the legislature since 2011, faces local businessman Cody Davis in the June 30 GOP primary.

"I am very honored to have earned Commissioner John Justman's endorsement of my campaign," Scott told Colorado Politics in a text. "Commissioner Justman has served Mesa County well, his knowledge of water and AG leave very large shoes to fill, his words tonight were humbling."

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