DENVER, CO - MARCH12: The dome can be seen looking straight up from the rotunda at the bottom of the grand staircase inside the Colorado State Capitol on March 12, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo By Kathryn Scott)

We're more than a month into the General Assembly's resumption of work for the 2021 session. Here's a look at Colorado Politics coverage so far:




The General Assembly was off for Good Friday on April 2.


CAPITOL M, week of March 27 | A scandal of less-than-epic, but interesting, proportions
Lawmakers address Weld County sheriff labeling Herod a 'terrorist'
Weld County sheriff calls Leslie Herod a 'terrorist'
Former House Speaker Chuck Berry to retire as Colorado Chamber leader
Native Americans say next week's mascot bill part of momentum for change
Healthier Colorado ad campaign designed to fight 'misinformation' from public option opponents
National Republican Liberty Caucus disavows conspiracy statements tied to Boulder shooting from Colorado chapter
Republican Liberty Caucus: Recent mass shootings a Marxist plot for gun control
Senate panel approves setback minimums for new schools
Common Sense Institute drops latest analysis on public option costs
Coalition fights back against ballot measure that seeks to limit standard livestock husbandry practices
'Now is the time to act': Boulder legislative leaders promise response to shooting
Sex abuse bill easily clears House committee following lengthy negotiations
Party-line committee vote advances reporting bill for lost, stolen guns
Donovan bill to oversee social media platforms moves forward but in significantly different form
Lawmakers prepare to add "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" on March 30
General Assembly holds tribute for victims of Monday's shooting in Boulder
Legislature looks at new standards for pet shelters and rescues
Garnett, Boulder delegation release statement about King Soopers shooting
Bill to privatize Pinnacol Assurance goes down in flames
Worries about future of policing dominate discussion on law enforcement retention, recruitment
State officials, lawmakers to hold statewide listening tour on how to spend federal stimulus dollars
Legislature steers $20 million into 12 state parks
COVER STORY: THE CRAFTSMAN | GOP leader Hugh McKean puts his House in order



CAPITOL M, week of March 20, 2021 | Despite COVID, some traditions should continue
Wall around the Capitol is a longshot, legislative leaders say
Media literacy bill survives lengthy debate and Republican opposition
Latest state revenue forecast shows 'the worst of the recession is behind us'
Denver Metro Chamber backs financial literacy standards, opposes insurance bill
Committee Dems kill bill to restrict public employee NDAs
Legislature eyes a fund without money for higher teacher pay
Colorado Option Health Benefit bill introduced to cheers and jeers
INSIGHTS | In a state that gets voting right, Colorado politicos see plenty to fix
Colorado public health option to be announced Thursday
Bill on ag workers rights wins approval from Senate committee despite opposition from Polis administration
A moment to honor Latinos, Irish and Atlanta shooting victims turns heated in state House
In 2019, an audit found errors in the state controller's office that accounted for millions. Those issues are still not fixed, report finds
House Democrats deliver annual gun-bill rejections
Final state legislative redistricting commissioners selected
Bill putting small businesses on par with large ones in next pandemic dies in committee
Campaign to advocate for the Colorado Health Benefit Option bill launches
There's nothing like a convert. Just ask Sen. Chris Holbert
Lawmakers seek fee on insurers to fight fires
Griswold leads effort to block foreign money from influencing elections
State Supreme Court: Senate Dems violated Constitution in speed-reading a bill, but District Court Judge went 'too far' in ruling
Former state Rep. Joe Salazar wins SLAPP motion against Public Trust Institute
General Assembly calls a snow day, cancels business on Monday, March 15



CAPITOL M, week of March 13, 2021 | Who does the best Lois Court?
Legislative Focus on the Springs, week of March 12, 2021 | GOP seeks student protections in virtual learning
Polis proclamation on MeatOut Day has been a boon for beef
Colorado Democrats, environmentalists queue up strongest run yet to ban plastics
Polis administration creates Water Equity Task Force, but lawmakers express concern
Senate committee greenlights bill giving past child sex abuse survivors access to justice
Water issues spark warning to state agencies about their tactics to kill bills they don't like
House advances ranked-choice voting, multilingual ballot proposals
Media literacy bill once again hits a snag with GOP lawmakers
Titone to chair the legislative LGBTQ Caucus
INSIGHTS | Civics teachers are our best chance to save the world
'This is the launch of the Colorado comeback': Governor, legislators unveil Colorado Recovery Plan
Senate panel adjourns after mask row
State Senate debates civic education and guns
Legislative aides at the state Capitol to unionize
Gun storage bill passes House amid threats of rebellion and violence
BARTELS | Two bills take aim but totally miss the target
House debates late into the evening before advancing gun storage legislation


CAPITOL M, week of March 5 | A slow start riles the 101st lawmaker
Legislative Focus on the Springs, week of March 5, 2021 | Early wins for Carver
Lawmakers approve bill to put off certain statewide standardized tests for 2021
General Assembly approves $30 million for CDOT's Revitalizing Main Streets program
Controversial proposal to limit cash bail passes Senate committee
Bill would ban confidentiality agreements for Colorado state employees
House panel approves county commissioner gerrymandering bill along party lines
Dueling campaigns vie for attention on public option
INSIGHTS | The road ahead on transportation is one less taken
House panel approves five-year alcohol delivery extension
House passes bill on sales of puppies and kittens in pet stores
What's in a name? Bid to remove 'junior' from colleges stirs an outcry
House committee advances bill on child porn, would overturn Supreme Court decision
Senate approves bill giving future sex abuse survivors unlimited time to sue
Colorado House Democrats approve bill on safe storage of guns
House Democratic leadership opposes privatizing Pinnacol Assurance
Senate panel unanimously approves brewery festival bill
Senate confirms Polis appointees to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission


CAPITOL M | Week of Feb. 27, 2021: It's hazing week
Governor's proclamation on MeatOut Day "the last straw" for some in the cattle industry
Is Colorado’s school accountability system working? Lawmakers call for an audit to find out
House Democrats kill 'right-to-work' proposal
Sand Creek Massacre Memorial gets first review from Capital Development Committee
Sponsors water down bill on sales of puppies and kittens in pet stores
SHORT TAKES | Bills advance on Health Care Services Reserve Corps, to-go alcohol
With committee passage, child sex abuse bill renews journey through legislature
Senate panel unanimously backs expanding medical cannabis access at schools
Could 2021 be the year that Pinnacol Assurance goes private? A bill to do just that drops next week
Senate panel rejects GOP voting bill
FIRE LINES | Mitigation and suppression efforts in search of money
McKean hires former Trump administration official as chief of staff
Americans for Prosperity: Poll finds little support for paying more for gas
Democratic leaders tell local officials time is right to pull trigger on transportation revenue
Bill to ban puppy and kitten sales from pet stores on hold
Ranked-choice voting legislation clears committee on party-line vote
Site for proposed Sand Creek memorial getting pushback
State Senate unanimously approves LGBT veteran benefit bill
House Democratic leadership addresses first week behavior, governor's authority
INSIGHTS | If you can’t save public schools now, you can’t save public schools


CAPITOL M | Week of Feb. 20, 2021: We're baaaaack
Politics become personal in the House's first week back
Lawmakers reintroduce bill mandating Colorado insurers cover annual mental health exams
Gov. Jared Polis delivers third State of the State, focused on pandemic relief, taxes, health care, education and transportation
Legislative leaders announce picks for congressional and legislative redistricting commissions
Bill aims to provide protection for Colorado's LGBTQ foster and adoptive parents
Griswold says GOP voting bill is designed to 'suppress the voices of Coloradans'
First introduced bills in General Assembly no longer a reflection of top priorities
House opening day, part two: speeches, pomp and a special announcement
Garcia, Holbert prioritize different goals but pledge to work together toward recovery in delayed 'opening day'
TEXT OF SPEECH | Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert's address as legislature resumes
TEXT OF SPEECH | House Minority Leader Hugh McKean's address on resumption of legislature
TEXT OF SPEECH | House Speaker Alec Garnett's address on resumption of the legislature
TEXT OF SPEECH | Senate President Leroy Garcia's address as legislature resumes work
General Assembly returns to state Capitol after five-week hiatus

There was some activity between the end of the recess:

House and Senate Democratic leaders talk restart of 2021 legislative session
FIRE LINES: Colorado public safety officials hope to add top-of-the-line helicopter to aid in firefighting efforts
Bill would ensure Colorado DMV doesn't share immigrants' information
Lawmakers unveil $4 million diaper distribution plan
Lawmakers say Polis, leadership on board with road funding proposal
Colorado conservation groups to discuss oil and gas online Thursday
Democratic lawmakers expected to take another shot at banning plastics and polystyrene in 2021 session
Joint Budget Committee spares K-12 from cuts in 2020-21 budget
Safe gun storage campaign launches ahead of legislation from General Assembly
Q&A with Andrew Carpenter and Jared Gregorio | The reading clerks who keep the General Assembly moving
Joint Budget Committee's public budget hearing draws advocates for state employees, education, higher ed and healthcare providers
State ethics commission dismisses complaints against Lundeen, aide
Business coalition seeks to untie knot of road funding and the governor is on board
Joint Budget Committee takes another run in asking for public testimony on state budget
Scathing audit of RTD shows low employee morale tied to poor supervisory practices

And here's what happened before the recess, during those three days in January:

CAPITOL M | Why I decided to get a vaccine as soon as I could
State capitol game of week one, 73rd General Assembly: Where's Rep. Hanks?
General Assembly completes first week of business, as House Republicans take final stand against adjournment
House gives final approval to own bills, preliminary approval to Senate legislation
Senate wraps up day two of 2021 session, with focus on per diem and business deductions
State Senate takes up, then tables, issue of per diem, following impassioned debate from House
House gets to work broadening language for minority-owned businesses
After a slow start, Colorado House wraps up day one with quick work on bills
House Republicans fuel five-hour debate on rules, airing first-day grievances
Colorado Senate moves three bills from start to preliminary vote on 2021 session's first day
Garnett elected speaker as GOP forces 'unprecedented' election
OPENING DAY | Legislative leaders offer short guidance for another truncated session
LEGISLATIVE PROFILE | Leroy Garcia, president of the Senate
Back under the dome: 73rd General Assembly gets underway
LEGISLATIVE PROFILE | Chris Holbert, Senate minority leader
LEGISLATIVE PROFILE | Alec Garnett, speaker of the House
LEGISLATIVE PROFILE | Hugh McKean, House minority leader
Leaders of both parties sound cautious on far-reaching legislative proposals at business event
2021 LEGISLATURE | In education, testing and funding will be key issues
Colorado General Assembly to start 2021 session Wednesday with three working days
INSIGHTS | It’s time to rethink how the sausage is made
INSIGHTS | Time for lawmakers to prove their value to communities of color

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