State's $28.9 billion budget for 2018-19 unveiled


The House Finance Committee will meet on Saturday morning to take up a slate of bills, marking the first time this legislative session that lawmakers will work on a weekend.

The announcement from Finance Chair Shannon Bird, D-Westminster, on Friday afternoon comes as the legislative session winds towards a conclusion. General Assembly leaders have previously indicated they were aiming to adjourn for the session around Memorial Day, though those projections were complicated by a handful of outstanding issues.

For one, a number of big-ticket items are still working through the legislative process – including the Colorado Option bill, a prescription drug affordability board, two tax measures, a transportation funding bill, a proposal adding enforcement measures to the state’s climate change goals, a bill phasing out single-use plastics, a trio of gun control bills introduced in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Boulder and an effort to keep high-potency THC products out of the hands of teenagers.

On top of that, the lawmakers need to figure out how to spend the $3.8 billion tied to the federal American Rescue Plan.

With the legislative calendar capped at 120 days, lawmakers can continue working through June 12.

According to Bird’s announcement on the House floor Friday afternoon, her panel will meet at 9 a.m. on Saturday to consider the following House bills:

  • HB 1301, a measure aimed at addressing the impact of adverse weather on outdoor marijuana cultivation as well as cross-pollination of marijuana and hemp crops;
  • HB 1306, which would bump up the number of bodies that can accredit private colleges and universities;
  • HB 1314, a measure that would repeal the state Department of Revenue’s discretionary and mandatory authority to revoke driver’s licenses for a handful of offenses;
  • HB 1315, which seeks to repeal the requirement for juveniles to pay some court-related fees, costs and surcharges; and
  • HB 1229, which would make changes to the regulations for home owners’ associations.

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