Rep. Dave Williams stops to talk with House Minority Leader Rep. Patrick Neville, left, on the house floor during the returning session. Colorado lawmakers return to the state Capitol on May 26, 2020, in Denver. Legislators have returned after a 10-week pause due to fears from the spread of the coronavirus.

Colorado lawmakers are trying to get the heck out of Denver, as some need to campaign for the June 30 primary, but there's still plenty to do on the agenda at the Capitol on Friday.

The legislature could adjourn as early as Monday, after returning on May 26 from a pandemic break that began March 14. Here is a list of some outstanding measures that still have yet to be decided: 

  • Senate Bill 217: The House passed reforms sought by Democrats on police accountability, which comes as the nation endures its worst racial unrest since the Civil Rights Movement in the wake of police violence against unarmed black men. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • Senate Bill 205: Approved by the House Friday, this bill would provide earned paid sick leave for workers to deal with short-term illnesses, accruing one hour of leave for every 30 hours worked. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • Senate Bill 163: The Senate must repass the bill, after the House made changes to the controversial school immunizations bill that consumed more than 12 hours of hearings and debate in the resumed session, simply to create a standard exemption form and an online video to show parents opting out their children. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • House Bill 1420: Called the Tax Fairness Act, the effort by Democrats would raise taxes on wealthy people and corporations — as well as many small businesses — to help pay for schools and other needs left wanting by the economic collapse. One Democrat isn't sold, Gov. Jared Polis. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • House Bill 1360: Both chambers have yet to agree on a much-diminished spending plan for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Read the latest by clicking here
  • Senate Concurrent Resolution 1: The chambers have agreed to send a question to the November ballot asking voters to repeal the Gallagher Amendment, the constitutional provision adopted in 1982 to keep property and residential taxes in scale to one another, but causes budget problems for schools and rural local governments, which don't have the property values metro Denver does. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • House Bill 1415: Scheduled for a final debate on the Senate floor Friday, the bill aims to protect those who report health and safety concerns. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • Senate Bill 213: This legislation would allow take-out restaurant to provide alcohol to go or for delivery. The bill is up for debate on the House floor Friday, but it needs two votes there and would have to pass the lower chamber. Because the bill was amended in a House committee Thursday, it still would have to repass in the Senate to make it to the governor's desk. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • Senate Bill 207: This legislation would expand who is entitled to collect unemployment insurance and for how long. The Democratic bill is up for a final passage in the House Friday. Read the latest by clicking here.
  • Senate Bill 221: A bill that would remove "panic" in fear of gay or transgender people as a defense against assaulting an LGBTQ person is headed to the Gov. Jared Polis' desk for his signature. Read the latest by clicking here

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