Cutter Duran

Reps. Lisa Cutter, D-Littleton, and Monica Duran, D-Wheat Ridge

The leaders of the Democratic Women’s Caucus of Colorado on Tuesday slammed the newly effective Texas state legislation on abortion, describing it as “another way to suppress, control, and shame women over their healthcare choices.”

Senate Bill 8, known as the Texas Heartbeat Act, bans abortions after doctors can detect a fetal heartbeat. That generally comes around the sixth week of pregnancy, a mark critics say is effectively an abortion ban since many women do not realize they are pregnant before that point. The bill was introduced in March, signed into law in May and went into effect on Sept. 1.

In a statement released Tuesday, Reps. Lisa Cutter, D-Littleton, and Monica Duran, D-Wheat Ridge, said they were “outraged” by the law.

“Despite last week’s unprecedented and unconstitutional attack on abortion rights, Colorado will remain a safe place for patients to access abortion,” the co-chairs of the Democratic Women’s Caucus of Colorado said. “Coloradans understand that the strength and independence of women promote a healthier and more economically vibrant society by every measure. We will continue to actively work to safeguard women’s rights to have autonomy over their own bodies and uphold the Colorado way of life, putting the health and safety of women first.”

Similar restrictions in other states have not survived court challenges. In Georgia, a federal judge last year struck down a six-week abortion ban that made exceptions for rape and incest, which the Texas law does not.

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