Windsor downtown

Downtown Windsor is one of 90 Main Street projects funded by the state legislature through the Department of Transportation since the pandemic began.

State government says it's stimulating the economy by putting money into Main Streets via stimulus grants, announcing some six more Monday afternoon.

Aspen, for instance, is getting a state grant for $149,999 for a transit hub with charging stations for electric vehicles, public bike parking and an upgrade to pedestrian crossings.

Pueblo is getting $56,416.72 to put in better and more pedestrian lighting along Santa Fe Avenue in the city's downtown, and Windsor is getting a $145,000 grant for "wayfinding" signs for cyclist and pedestrians.

All of the recipients are listed here

The Colorado Department of Transportation began funding Revitalizing Main Streets grants last summer to stimulate the economy, as the pandemic took hold. In March the General Assembly put another $30 million into the program.

Monday's announcement brings the project to 90 across the state.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to support our community and attract even more business to our fun downtown areas through creative and practical transportation-related safety projects,” Gov. Jared Polis said in a statement Monday. “As we recover from the pandemic and work to build back Colorado even stronger, this investment will create meaningful and lasting improvements along our beloved main streets.”

CDOT executive director Shoshana Lew said expanding the program would help provide all modes of transportation for communities large and small across the state.

“These partnerships between CDOT and local governments are vital as we work together to help downtown areas stay dynamic and vibrant,” she said.

The announcement is also politically opportune, as the governor soon begins his reelection campaign whose chief critics are in Colorado's deep red rural counties.

The announcement brings to light the Democrats' push in Capitol Hill and in Denver to roll out stimulus dollars and demonstrate the largesse.

The press release put in a plug for Senate Bill 260, the Democrats' transportation bill to raise fees by $3.9 billion over the next decade to provide the bulk of a $5.2 billion transportation plan, favored by Polis.

"The continuation and expansion of this program was made possible through a $30 million allocation from the state legislature in March 2021 and those funds are currently available for local government competition, with significant anticipated demand," the press release stated. "Importantly, the passage of SB-260 would further extend this highly successful program beyond the current grant cycle."

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