Americans for Prosperity free gas

The conservative organization Americans for Prosperity is kicking off a month-long campaign that means free gas for five Coloradans picked at random.

As it ramps up to fight legislation to put more fees on gas, diesel, vehicles, ride sharing and deliveries, Americans for Prosperity is offering an appropriate prize: $200 in fuel to each of five lucky Colorado drivers.

Jesse Mallory, the conservative organization's state director and the former chief of staff to the state Senate Republicans, announced the giveaway Tuesday afternoon.

"While legislators have been hard at work trying to find ways to make Coloradans pay more at the pump, we’ve been spending time looking for ways to help struggling families," he said. "We decided to offer $200 gas cards to five families to help pay for the legislature’s gas tax proposal.

"Rather than finding new ways to take more money out of hardworking Coloradan’s wallets, we encourage the legislature to identify better ways to prioritize spending and use existing funds, as voters have repeatedly told them."

Members of the General Assembly are expected to announce a bill to raise fees and use existing budget money and stimulus to fund a 10-year transportation plan.

Using fees allows lawmakers to go around voters, since tax hikes have to be approved on the ballot. Americans for Prosperity and other groups, however, are poised to try to repeal the taxes in November, should they pass at the statehouse.

The transportation bill has not been formally introduced.

To be eligible to win a gas card, entrants must be 18 or older and a Colorado resident. Winners will be picked at random on April 30 with one entry per person and one winner per city.

Those interested in the giveaway can learn more by clicking here.


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