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Senate President Leroy Garcia of Pueblo presided over a chamber Monday morning where something happened that he said has never happened before in state history: a lack of a quorum to conduct its business.

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At 10 a.m. both chambers will gavel in. But in the likelihood that neither chamber will have a quorum — and that appears to be what legislative leaders want — they'll adjourn for three days. In that time, they hope that the Colorado Supreme Court comes back with an answer on the question the General Assembly asked on March 14: whether the session's 120 days are consecutive, or, if under a public health emergency, the calendar was paused and the days are counted separately.

“While I am still feeling very sick from this other coronavirus, I am relieved to know that I haven’t inadvertently exposed anyone at the Capitol or in my community to COVID-19,” Jenet said.

Gov. Jared Polis Friday signed into law House Bill 1031, which renames the holiday after the Catholic nun who started several charitable organizations in Colorado, including the Queen of Heaven orphanage in Denver and a summer camp for girls that is now the home of the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

She is the first legislator known to have contracted the novel coronavirus. "While I have had a confirmed case of bronchitis for much of March, my doctors have told me that it’s likely I contracted COVID-19 in the last few days," she said.

Joey Bunch: "You can call necessity the mother of invention, or you can call it mission creep, but sick time and paid family leave are fast becoming an expected part of the workplace, like the 40-hour week and holidays off."

Joey Bunch: "Money runs out before the compassion ever does under the golden dome of the state Capitol in Denver. It's probably that way in your household budget. That’s evident looking at an entirely worthy piece of legislation passed by the state Senate on March 10, bound for the governor's desk."

House Bill 1223, moving easily through the statehouse, would create grants between $2,500 and $10,000 for rural artists starting this summer and continuing annually. Rural is round-about-defined as all those outside the seven metro Denver counties.

Shoshana Lew, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, will give a major speech on accountability and transparency as the foundation of the governor's 10-year priority plan on the Western Slope Friday morning.

Joey Bunch: The Colorado highway director Shoshana Lew's outlook comes from the intersection of infrastructure and finance, first at the Office of Management and Budget and then as the top transparency office in how the recession's stimulus money was spent on transportation, before a stint as the Rhode Island highway department's chief operating officer. 

John Santistevan says the size of your paycheck should not determine the value of your life. He is one of the public and private leaders in Colorado trying to craft a health care system everybody can live with.

“Colorado supports modernizing NEPA review and making it more efficient and streamlined," Weiser said. "The proposed rule, however, would restrict our state’s ability to take into account the indirect and cumulative impacts of projects and ignore the effects of climate change in infrastructure and resource planning, and that could threaten Colorado’s health, economy and way of life.”

State highway director Shoshana Lew paints the fullest picture to date about the outlines of the 10-year priorities of her boss, Gov. Jared Polis, this week in a podcast with former state Sen. Mike Kopp, president and CEO of the Colorado Concern business group.

Joey Bunch: "The old rules of engagement in the public square are blurred beyond recognition, based on what I’m seeing these days in the headlines, at the state Capitol or over at the City and County Building in Denver."