The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission on Friday adopted a regulation aimed at curbing the state's greenhouse gas emissions, a byproduct of last year's Senate Bill 181 and three other pieces of legislation.

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On narrow legal grounds, a Denver district court judge dismissed a challenge to Colorado’s 2019 “red flag” law, finding that there was no question of a Second Amendment violation, but rather a “political question” about legislative rules.

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Lawmakers voted to go much farther than JBC staff had been suggesting. At the beginning of the budget-cutting exercise on May 4, the staff had presented 10% and 20% across-the-board cuts, and on Tuesday, they offered information on what a 30% general fund cut, or $246.8 million, would look like.

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The Joint Budget Committee on Tuesday voted to close the men's-only Skyline prison in Cañon City, a 252-bed facility, effective January 2021. They also voted to gut higher ed general fund support by 58%, or $493.2 million, the largest budget cut to date.

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The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) voted Friday to draft a bill to postpone the ballot measure, which was due to be referred to the ballot by the General Assembly this year. They also cut funding for the tourism office and to support the outdoor recreation industry.

El Paso County lawmakers were happy with some economic good news Friday when it was announced Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs would be the the provisional headquarters of U.S. Space Command.

Joey Bunch: "When people lose their job, they lose their health care. That creates its own crisis when the country is facing is deepest unemployment rates, potentially 1 in 5 people gainfully employed two months ago, out of work and out of insurance."

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The additional delay will give lawmakers more time for preparations such as safety protocols, to work through legislation tied to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to"seek greater clarity on potential Congressional action that could significantly impact our state budget."

No member of the Joint Budget Committee has been in the legislature long enough to take part in any budget-cutting pain that occurred in previous years, although many members of the staff have. Here's where cuts have come from in past economic downturns.

“After more than six years of working to secure paid family and medical leave for all Coloradans, we can’t afford to wait any longer," said Sen. Faith Winter in a statement Thursday night. "It is time to take the power out of the lobby and give it back to the people of Colorado.”

During his Friday briefing on the pandemic Gov. Jared Polis was asked whether tax dollars should support struggling media, especially in parts of the state where news and public information is endangered or extinct.

The JBC letter said they intend to have the long bill, the School Finance Act and other budget bills completed by the end of May to allow state agencies, local governments and school districts time to finalize their own next year's budgets by June 30. 

“The scientific evidence regarding internet and voting app systems is remarkably clear — these are not secure solutions for American elections,” Michael D. Fernandez, spokesman for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said in a statement Thursday.

"The world has changed in so many ways, of course," said House Speaker KC Becker, "and one of those ways is the impact to state programs and services and how is the federal government filling those gaps."