Kelly Brough gets PPA endorsement

Denver mayoral candidate Kelly Brough was endorsed by the Police Protective Association. Brough finished in second, qualifying for the June 6 runoff against Mike Johnston. (Rebecca Slezak/Special to The Denver Gazette)

Denver mayoral candidate Kelly Brough on Monday secured the endorsement of Denver's Police Protective Association, the state's largest police organization. 

In supporting Bough, Police Protective Association President Tyson Worrell highlighted Brough's executive experience, adding she can bring people together and offer "realistic solutions" that he believes will move the city forward.

“Kelly is the only candidate in this race with the executive experience and knowledge of how to run this city,” Worrell said.

Brough, a former business chamber executive, faces Mike Johnston, a former legislator, in the runoff election in June. Both candidates earned the top spots in the April 4 municipal elections, but neither received more than 50% of the vote to immediately secure the mayoral seat.   

“While serving as John Hickenlooper’s Chief of Staff, we witnessed firsthand Kelly’s ability to face tough challenges and to bring people to the table to solve those challenges. We believe that she has realistic solutions and can work collaboratively to build a culture where law enforcement has the training, the equipment and the community support necessary to meet the many challenges our city faces," Worrell added. 

The PPA president said his group meticulously underwent the endorsement process.

"As the process continued, it was easier for us to come to that decision to support Kelly because she supported us," he said. 

Brough calling the endorsement "huge." 

"This is the team that we're counting on to help make our city safer," she said. "For me, this endorsement means the world because I can't do what I need to do as your mayor without them."

Brough has supported expanding police ranks and improving support for police officers. She told the Denver Gazette in February that this entails rebuilding trust in law enforcement. 

She also wants to expand the support team assisted response program (STAR) in an effort to free up police resources so they can focus on other crimes. Johnston, who has a similar plan to add additional first responders to Denver, shares the sentiment.

Brough last week secured the endorsement of a former rival for the mayor's seat, Sen. Chris Hansen, who also took a tougher stance on crime during the campaign.

"At the end of the day, endorsements will be important because it's going to provide direction to those citizens that are looking for help," Worrell said. "I think this endorsement is going to be significant for those voters wondering how they should vote in this election."

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