Would the Denver City Council support another term for Mayor Hancock?


After weeks of deliberation, the Denver City Council last week declined to formally investigate Mayor Michael Hancock over inappropriate text messages sent to a female city police officer six years ago.

By now, you’ve likely heard about Hancock sending a slew of suggestive text messages to Leslie Branch-Wise in 2012 when she was a police officer working on his security detail.

Branch-Wise, now a detective in the Denver Police Department, requested the Denver City Council formally investigate the mayor’s conduct related to the text messages. The council stated while the Hancock’s conduct was “unacceptable,” because it was “not the judicial branch, we are unable to make a legal conclusion about the Mayor’s conduct and there are no disputed facts.”

But, given Hancock’s “unacceptable” conduct, would the Denver City Council support him for a third term as mayor?

Marshall Zelinger over at 9news dovetailed the council’s decision into the intriguing question last week and reached out to each member of the 13-member council for comment. The investigative reporter said he received five responses, many not unlike the note from council member Robin Kniech who said he has never endorsed a candidate for mayor in the past and doesn’t plan to start.

Council member Paul Lopez had a little more to add: “While he has stated his intent to run, as far as I can tell, he has yet to file the official paperwork necessary to do so; and frankly it’s still much too early to make a call on next summer’s elections. If I decide to endorse anyone, I’ll keep you in the know.”

Whatever Hancock decides to do regarding his political future, the mayoral election will be May 2019.

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