In fact, five of them are. How do we know?

While looking up the net worth of Colorado’s Democratic senior U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (we had our reasons; you can read about it here), we stumbled across one of those sites that provides that information and a lot more on our entire Washington delegation — both U.S. Senators and all seven members of the House of Representatives. not only lists the estimated net worth of each senator and representative as of 2014 but also shows how they compare with one another.

In fairness to Bennet, and, sure, just to sate the curiosity of our readers, here’s how all nine of Colorado’s elected federal lawmakers stack up — from poorest to richest. For all you data junkies, we’ve also included’s analysis of each lawmaker’s financial standing compared with his/her peers.

And at the bottom of the pile is …

There you have it. A recap, for those of you keeping track:

By the way, InsideGov provides this disclaimer on each member’s profile:

Net worth figures are calculated by the Center for Responsive Politics and are based off of financial disclosures filed in 2014 by members of Congress. They are derived by adding a member’s full range of reported assets and then subtracting their liabilities, with estimated net worth being the resulting midpoint. For more information, visit the Center for Responsive Politics.

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