Colorado Republicans issued a statement today announcing state GOP Chair Steve House will neither be a candidate for governor in 2018 nor seek another term at the helm of the state party.

According to the press statement from party headquarters:

Chairman House will focus on improving our healthcare system at the state and national level and will volunteer his time focused on raising money to support the Republican general election candidate for Governor in 2018.

The press release quotes House about his decision:

“It is vital that after eight years of lost opportunities by Governor John Hickenlooper that Colorado has a sound conservative leader as its next Governor…2018 is going to be a turning point for our state, and I want to ensure that as a party we do the fundraising necessary so that our general election candidate will win.”

The party’s statement also says:

Colorado voters are faced with many challenges ahead: improving an education system that leaves more than 20% of our students without a high school diploma on time or at all, redistricting, a transportation crisis, a large budget shortfall and continued efforts by the left to overtax and overspend. The future of Colorado will require a strong leader who has a vision for solving our state’s problems and protecting our unique western way of life.

There had been buzz for some time around House as a prospect for the governor’s race. Several other names continue to make the rounds among Republicans though only one, Joanne Silva of Loveland, has filed for the race.

Four Democrats have announced they are in the race, including former state Sen. Michael Johnston, of Denver, and Denver manufacturing entrepreneur and civic leader Noel Ginsburg.


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