Tancredo calls liberalism a mental disorder on Twitter


Tom Tancredo, Republican candidate for governor, is known for being forthright. Just last week, he took on political correctness in a Facebook Christmas video, saying the days of playing “cowboys and Indians” in his childhood seem “as distant as the Ward’s catalog.”

On Wednesday he called out Newsweek for an article headlined “How Trump and the Nazis stole Christmas to promote white nationalism.”

However, Tacredo’s tweet comparing liberalism to a mental illness doesn’t link to the Newsweek article, but rather to the Fox News coverage of the article.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson takes on the Newsweek article, saying, “Doubtless come Easter, painting Easter eggs will soon be a hateful assault on vegans everywhere.”

The coverage quickly circles back to whether there has been a war on Christmas in the United States, and whether conservatives like President Donald Trump are ending it.

Tancredo, in his Christmas video, says it’s OK to have a little fun as he reminisces about his toy Roy Rogers 45 revolver, but today took his distaste for political correctness to a higher level.

No doubt Trump’s plain-spoken delivery helped propel him to becoming the Republican nominee in 2016. It’ll be interesting to see if the same tactic garners Tancredo the Republican spot on the 2018 gubernatorial ballot.

Tancredo told Colorado Politics in November he expected his opponents to label him a white supremacist.

“This time it’ll all be about me being a white racist, Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi, you know, whatever possible epithet they can come up with,” he said at the time.

It looks like he’s trying to get out ahead of that label before it festers.

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