State Senate GOP staffer Jesse Mallory to lead Colorado AFP


With Americans For Prosperity’s Michael Fields moving up from state director to take on a broader portfolio for the conservative, pro-free market, national advocacy group, Jesse Mallory — chief of staff for the ruling state Senate Republicans — has been tapped to fill Fields’s shoes.

The AFP announced the move this afternoon, quoting Mallory:

Mallory is no stranger to Colorado politics and brings to the organization deep relational connections to both Republicans and Democrats under the golden dome.

“I look forward to fighting for policies that promote economic freedom for the citizens of Colorado,” states Mallory.  “As chief of staff in the senate majority office for the last three years, I’m acquainted with the importance of reaching across the aisle.”

Mallory continues, “AFP is a nonpartisan organization driven by a policy agenda that strives to keep taxes low and hold government accountable for spending, informing citizens, and working with like-minded elected officials to get the job done. The bottom line – Coloradans deserve more of their hard earned money in their own bank accounts, not the state account.”

The national AFP is regarded as one of the most influential advocacy and organizing groups in the conservative political movement. Among other things, AFP is credited with having helped transform the Tea Party phenomenon into a cohesive political force.

Senate President Kevin Grantham, R-Cañon City, issued a statement praising Mallory:

…Naturally, we’re saddened by his departure but also pleased that he’ll be working for an organization we have a lot of respect for, even when we differ at times on policy details. Jesse brought a lot of passion, experience and street smarts to his work; he deserves a good measure of credit, in my opinion, for the fact that Republicans regained control of the Colorado State Senate. …

Grantham also announced Ariana Busby, who began working for Senate Republicans in 2013 as an intern and rose to policy director, will replace Mallory.


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