Bent County will send new ballots after 500 go missing

Several Colorado cities and towns held municipal elections that ended Tuesday, including Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Grand Junction.

Here are key results, provided in part by the Colorado Municipal League and local news outlets:

Colorado Springs: Mayor John Suthers was re-elected, and former Secretary of State Wayne Williams was voted in as an at-large city councilman, along with Bill Murray and Tom Strand. Voters rejected a proposal to allow collective bargaining for firefighters. Full details here.

Fort Collins: Wade Troxell won a third term as mayor by nearly a 3-1 margin over Michael Pruznick, while Emily Gorgol, Susan Gutowsky and Kristin Stephens won council seats; the District 2 council race was too close to call Wednesday morning. City voters also extended the "Keep Fort Collins Great" sales and use tax for general operations and public safety, but defeated a measure that would have boosted pay for the mayor and council members.

Grand Junction: Chuck McDaniel, Phillip Pe'a and Anna Stout won city council seats. The city also "had three sales and use tax questions on the ballot," the Municipal League reports. "The tax to fund police, fire and emergency medical services passed, while the tax to fund road improvements and the tax to fund the construction of a community center, which included authorization to increase debt by up to $79 million, both failed." Voters approved revisions to how cable TV franchises are renewed, but defeated an increase in the terms for lease of public property.

Glenwood Springs: Tony Hershey and Charlie Willman won council races. "Two measures to fund road improvements, a sales and use tax increase and a bond issue for up to $16 million in debt, failed," the muni league says.

Durango: Kim Baxter and Barbara Noseworthy were elected to city council seats, and voters passed a sales and use tax increase for street improvements.

Aspen: Torre (just Torre) defeated Ann Mullins in a runoff for mayor.

Craig: Incumbent Mayor John Ponikvar was defeated by Jarrod Ogden, and Brian MacKenzie, Paul James, and Steven Mazzuca were elected to the city council.

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