Lu Córdova, new executive director of the state Department of Revenue.

Business and nonprofit executive Lu Córdova will be Colorado's next executive director of the state Department of Revenue, Gov. Jared Polis announced.

Córdova fills the last remaining vacant department-leadership post in the young Polis administration.

“We are thrilled to have Lu join our team,” Polis said in a statement late Thursday. “Her vision, expertise and record of experience make her a natural fit at the Department of Revenue. We can’t wait for her to get started.”

Córdova previously served as president of Techstars Foundation, the foundation of the Boulder-based startup incubator Techstars, of which Polis was one of four co-founders.

Heidi Humphreys has been serving as interim executive director of the department, which oversees taxation, car registration and drivers licenses, the state Lottery, liquor and marijuana sales, and gambling regulation.

Polis' office provided this bio of Córdova:

Córdova’s background is in international finance, cybersecurity, ecommerce and more. She is currently the Chair and CEO of CTEK, a global nonprofit breaking down barriers to entrepreneurship worldwide. She is also the CEO of Corlund Industries, LLC, diversified holding company specializing in operations management, strategic planning, business development and capital finance.

Formerly, Córdova was the President of the Techstars Foundation, and before that was President of Colorado Venture Centers, which won international recognition and awards as one of the most distinguished business catalysts in the country. Sister organization CTEK Angels, which Córdova founded and chaired, became the largest group of individual investors in the Rocky Mountain States.  

Cordova served with Euronet Worldwide (EEFT), an international payments company, on audit, governance, and compensation committees. Ms. Córdova retired from the 10th District Federal Reserve Bank where she was Chairman of the Board of Directors. She began on the bank’s Economic Advisory Council in 2002 before joining the Board in 2004. Her board strengths are in technology, security, finance, international operations and succession planning.

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