Peg Perl to kickoff campaign for Denver clerk with Wednesday event


Peg Perl will officially kickoff her campaign for Denver city clerk next Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Paramount Cafe in Denver, she tells Colorado Politics.

“I am excited to talk with community members about the importance of the Denver clerk position and how I will continue my longstanding fight for government transparency, ethics, money in politics reform and voting rights as clerk,” she said.

You can RSVP or make a donation to her campaign by clicking here.

The Paramount Cafe is on the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver.

Perl told us last summer she planned to get in the race to succeed Debra Johnson. She stepped down from her job as the lawyer for Colorado Ethics Watch and started her own advocacy firm.

The race also is expected to attract other candidates, possibly Denver director of elections Amber McReynolds and City Councilman Paul D. Lopez.

A well-known open-government and ethics advocate at the city and state level, Perl last week took part in events around #SunshineWeek, the national commemoration of sunshine laws.

“I’ve spent the last 15 years fighting to improve transparency in our public records, government operations, campaigns and elections,” she told supporters in an email Friday.

During the week she tested before a legislative committee in support of adding transparency and ethics provisions to mandatory arbitration cases involving consumers or employees. She attended a workshop Friday that celebrated 50 years of the Colorado Open Records Act with everyday citizens, journalists and public officials in Denver.

“We need elected officials who take a citizen-centered approach to maintaining and providing public information to all,” Perl said in the email to supporters. “I’ve successfully worked with the Denver’s Clerk office to modernize city records access online in recent years. I will continue the great improvements in transparency and records preservation made by our current Clerk and take it to the next level.”

Editor’s note: This story was updated to correct the spelling of Amber McReynolds’ name.

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