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With Democrats winning every statewide office and both houses of the state legislature in the midterm election, NBC is ready to move Colorado off its roster of "swing" states and into the blue category.

The network notes that Colorado's demographics bolster that conclusion: 22 percent of residents are Hispanic and 39 percent are college educated. Both are Democratic-leaning groups nationwide, based on exit-poll data, and both percentages are higher than the national average.

"When you add those numbers to this year’s midterm results, Colorado looks less and less like a swing state," NBC data analyst Dante Chinni and "Meet the Press" producer Sally Bronston write. "It appears to have swung pretty firmly toward the Democrats – at least with the direction the parties are currently moving."

NBC does note that "Colorado's population is a little more white than the nation as a whole," and whites leaned Republican in the last election.

The network also is moving Ohio out of the swing-state category, but in the Republican direction, based on exit poll data. Ohio is heavily white and has a very low Hispanic population.

Meanwhile, NBC says two states previously seen as red may be moving toward battleground status: Georgia and Arizona.

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