Matthew Durkin.

A handful of contenders are thinking about replacing Pete Weir as Jefferson County's district attorney in 2020, when term limits take out the sitting Republican.

None are out faster than Matthew Durkin, a fellow Republican and a deputy district attorney in Judicial District 1.

So far, he's facing another prosecutor in the office, Steve Jensen, a fellow Republican who announced his candidacy earlier this month. A handful of other GOP members and Democrats are sizing up next year's race, sources tell Colorado Politics.

For one, Democrat Jake Lilly, who lost to Weir in 2016, filed his candidate affidavit Feb. 9 and has been making the rounds. Democrat Alexis King, a former deputy district attorney in the office, is also weighing a run, we're told.

Besides making his pitch in high-profile GOP circles the last month, Durkin secured the coveted endorsement of his old boss and top Republican party leader, former state Attorney General John Suthers, and a handful of other Jefferson County politicos.

"I am humbled by the support I have already received," Durkin said.

A 20-year prosecutor, Durkin ran the Criminal Justice Section of the Attorney General's Office under Suthers, now the Colorado Springs mayor. Suthers was the attorney genreal until 2015.

Durkin told the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee this month he's running to take on growing crime statistics.

"A crime wave has fallen upon Colorado," he reiterated in a new campaign newsletter. "... I am seeking to push back this crime wave.

"Criminal justice reform must balance compassionate and effective alternatives to combat drug addiction, but must also include accountability and responsibility." 

The First Judicial District includes Jefferson and Gilpin counties.

Colorado Politics' Ernest Luning contributed to this story.


Editor's note: This article was updated at 7:57 p.m. on Feb. 20 to correct King's current job.

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