Ice cream moguls Ben & Jerry show support for Stephany Spaulding's CD5 campaign


If honey catches more flies than vinegar, just how many voters will ice cream net?

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, aim to find out. The pair recently teamed up with MoveOn.Org, a national political nonprofit, to offer their support to seven Democratic Congressional candidates. Among them is Stephany Spaulding, who is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn for his seat in Colorado’s conservative 5th District.

“We need a Democratic majority to check President Trump’s unrestrained power,” the business partners said on MoveOn’s website. “Also, we need to send progressive champions to Congress who will fix our health care system with Medicare for All, protect clean air and water, and get big money out of politics.”

To that end, the delectable duo is soliciting ice cream flavors and corresponding names “that not only taste great, but also capture the essence of what each candidate stands for.”

Once winning flavors and names have been settled on, they’ll make batches of each and raffle them off to support the candidates.

The six candidates listed alongside Spaulding for the contest are:

Spaulding faces a significant challenge in her quest to unseat Lamborn, who has held the seat in the Republican stronghold for more than a decade. Although many experts predict a blue wave of voters in the November elections, the last such wave did little for the 5th District. In 2006, Democratic voters unseated a great many Republican incumbents across the country, but Lamborn’s Democratic opponent, Jay Fawcett, still only received 40.4 percent of the vote.

Lamborn has outraised Spaulding three times over. Spaulding has raised $188,007 and Lamborn has raised $568,526, according to campaign finance data filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Lamborn has outspent Spaulding as well. He has now spent $686,615 to Spaulding’s $108,942, FEC data shows.

Regardless, Spaulding is pressing on.

“We are completely surprised and humbled by these iconic figures taking note of our race,” Spaulding said in a statement. “It’s a sign of the growing momentum and a desire for a different flavor in Congress!”

This isn’t the first time ice cream has been used to support a political candidate. Before the primaries in the 2016 presidential election, Cohen created ‘Bernie’s Yearning’ in support of then-Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

Spaulding has also received out-of-state help before. Last month a group of all-female filmmakers from Los Angeles volunteered for her campaign by filming a campaign ad she could share online and through social media.

Colorado’s 5th Congressional District includes El Paso, Teller, Chaffee and Fremont counties, as well as portions of Park County.

Flavor suggestions can be submitted online at

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