Hickenlooper rally

Some signs were taken home after Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper talked to interested potential voters at a house party in his honor in Dubuque, Iowa, on Saturday, March 8, 2019. Hickenlooper was making a whirlwind tour of towns and cities in Iowa in his 2020 president campaign. (Photo by Jerilee Bennett, The Gazette)

John Hickenlooper has completed a two-day campaign swing through Iowa -- his first as a declared presidential candidate.

Here's what some Iowa news outlets had to say about his visit:

Quad City Times, Davenport:  "[Hickenlooper is quick to admit he is a dark horse, but that, 'I know I can beat Donald Trump.' Hickenlooper said the key to his success in Colorado, including expanding health care and the methane capture regulations that became a blueprint for Canada’s and the U.S. Government’s rules, is because he brought the key people from government and industry together to make things happen. 'Someone today called me an "extreme moderate,''' Hickenlooper said, as the crowd chuckled. 'Well, I think that’s the direction this country needs to go to get through some of this stuff and to make sure we don’t get tied up in a pendulum swinging back-and-forth, I’m right, you’re wrong. I think we’ve got to get stuff done. ... When you look at the magnitude of the challenges we are facing, we’ve got to giddy up,' he said."

The Courier, Waterloo: "Hickenlooper said he believes voters will relate to his experience building bridges between groups from different political backgrounds to solve problems. 'The one thing I’ve shown again and again is I can get people to come together and get stuff done,' he said. 'I think that’s the part Iowans will respond to, because Iowans are pragmatic. They understand you may disagree about something but you’ve got to get a compromise and move things forward.'"

The Daily Iowan, University of Iowa: "He said he supports universal health-care coverage, noting he wrote an editorial in the 1970s arguing that health care should a right not a privilege. 'If we take the pledge to get universal coverage, we can find the best way to do it at the highest quality and the lowest cost we could get there,' Hickenlooper said. 'It might well be Medicare for All … but without knowing the details, if you ask most people if they’re willing to give up the health-care coverage they have, they are not happy about it.' Of the Green New Deal, Hickenlooper said he supports the sentiment and urgency of the proposal, but said there could be other more cost-effective ways to address it. 'The Green New Deal, I think there are ways we can address climate change rapidly and cost effectively in such a way that this doesn’t have to be a pitched battle of us versus them,' Hickenlooper said."

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