Denver Next 160 Mayor Michael Hancock

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and City Councilwoman Kendra Black speak at a luncheon Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of the Denver Mayor's Office.)

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock wants to get letters from older residents about the city's 160th birthday.

He extended the invitation to  potential letter-writers at a luncheon Wednesday hosted by Councilwoman Kendra Black at the Wellshire Event Center, according to a statement from the mayor's office.

The letters are meant to offer advice and wisdom to current and future residents about the character and history that make Denver, well, Denver.

Hancock read from such a letter written by his mother.

“My advice to the next generation is to remember that the people have made this city great," wrote Scharlyne Hancock, as read by her son at the luncheon. "Work to be an asset to Denver by getting the best education you can; be safe and keep your neighbors safe. Keep your health, mind and body strong, and for the good of all of us strive to be the best you be.”

The Mayor’s Office intends to share the letters from older residents on the city’s website and on social media platforms using the hashtag #DenversNext160.

Comments and ideas also can be posted on social media using the hashtag.

The letters can be emailed to, or by old-fashioned mail to the Denver Mayor’s Office, Attn: Denver’s Next 160, 1437 Bannock St., Denver, CO, 80202.

Learn more about the campaign by clicking here.

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