George Will

Columnist George F. Will (Keith Allison / Flickr / Wikimedia Commons)

George F. Will is joining the parade of pundits who see Colorado's election results as portending trouble for the GOP.

The headline of Will's Washington Post column Wednesday: "Colorado’s changing tint from purple to blue is bad news for Republicans."

Colorado has been called the nation's "happiest and healthiest state" and has "chubby America’s lowest obesity rate," the renowned political columnist notes.

"Among the least happy and healthy Colorado cohorts is the Republican Party, which is less svelte than emaciated," he adds.

Will notes the election of Jared Polis -- whom he says "was born and now lives in Boulder, a university town that is the Paris Commune with skiing."

He sees Colorado as "in many ways a glimpse of the nation’s future," with a fast-growing urban and suburban population, and says Democrats "did not need much more help than President Trump" to trounce Republicans up and down the ballot.

Will concludes: "Because [the state] is increasingly young, urban, educated and diverse, Republicans, who fancy themselves saviors of 'flyover country,' might just as well fly over Colorado."

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