Former CIA agent reviews Aaron Harber's interview with Robert Mueller

Colorado Politics told you a couple of weeks ago about Colorado TV talker Aaron Harber’s retrospective of his interviews with Robert Mueller, before the former CIA director became the special prosecutor looking into President Trump’s affairs, Russian or otherwise.

Kent Harrington, a former senior CIA analyst who served as national intelligence officer for East Asia and the CIA’s director of public affairs, also caught the show.

He wrote about it on the website Media Village.

He said, in part:

Harber’s interview with Mueller isn’t about entertainment. While the two-person discussion on stage works well for the first hour, the audience’s questions — the Denver forum drew students and law enforcement officers, among others — wander after that. Rather, Harber’s skill gives viewers an intimate view of Mueller, not only as a professional and a leader but also as a human being. Unlike the fate of high profile guests on national news — the “gotcha” interrogations of partisan commentators, the nightly repetitive questioning by star reporters about that day’s so-called “breaking news” and the often instant segue from the substance to the politics of the guests’ remarks — Harber does something profoundly effective. He allows Mueller to talk about issues in all their complexity in his own terms.

Why is that important? Take what Mueller said about his approach to his FBI duties, which he happened to assume just a few days before September 11th, and his current job as special counsel. Already an accomplished U.S. Attorney and Deputy Attorney General before his appointment, Mueller talked at length about his learning curve as well as his reforms at the Bureau as its priority shifted from investigating crimes to preventing terrorist attacks. From his Oval Office anecdotes to admissions of his own management missteps, the three-year-old self-portrait couldn’t be more revealing for anyone who wants to understand the special counsel who is examining Russia’s attack on American democracy and the possible collusion of a presidential campaign. Thanks to Harber, nothing could say more about the man and his qualities than to allow him to describe what forged his actions when he faced an equally daunting challenge almost two decades ago.

The Mueller interview and others from Harber’s long career in long-form interviews are available on his website.

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