Denver City Park in the Winter

Eary morning sunrise on Denver City Park in the winter.

Here are highlights of our coverage of Denver politics and civic affairs over the last several days.

> COVER STORY | Meet Denver's next mayor: The candidates charge into a pivotal election

> COVER STORY | Meet Michael Hancock, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Jamie Giellis, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Penfield Tate III, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Lisa Calderón, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Kalyn Rose Heffernan, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> 9News/CoPo debate: Denver mayoral hopefuls differ on growth, development and 'how much is too much?" (VIDEO)

> Denver mayoral candidate Giellis missed voting in 10 city elections since 2006

> NEIL WESTERGAARD | One Denver transportation solution is 'hiding in plain sight'

> Hancock proposes new Denver department for housing and homelessness

> Denver auditor calls homelessness programs fragmented, understaffed

> CoPo celebrates with readers, officials at Denver reception (GALLERY)

> Denveright: 5 key points from the roadmap to the city's future

> Candidates, start your engines: Denver ballots head to a mailbox near you

> Denver mayoral candidates take on one another ahead of ballot mail-out

> Denver sheriff stands alone in opposing bill to speed up bail releases from jail

> Hancock: Trump is using migrants as 'political pawns' (VIDEO)


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