ELECTION 2018 | CoPo's election-night coverage

Votes are cast in Colorado Springs in 2018.

Voters have spoken in Colorado’s momentous midterm elections. Here’s our report on what they said and what it means.


> Jared Polis earns historic victory over Walker Stapleton in Colorado governor’s race

> Crow beats Coffman in key race for control of Congress

> Colorado voters turn thumbs down on a host of ballot measures

> Blue wave appears to give Polis a Democratic-controlled state Senate

> Democrats win all statewide offices

> Scenes of celebration and sadness on election night across Colorado

> Takeaways from Colorado Election Day 2018

> Winners and losers in Colorado’s 2018 election

> TRAIL MIX | A feast of firsts for Colorado on Election Day

> Colo.’s election brought a wave of women, but the current was strongest for Democrats

> Colorado business leaders cheer defeat of ballot issues

> Denver ballot issues: Taxes for mental health, parks among leading measures

> AP survey: Colorado voters say nation headed wrong way

> What the Democratic ‘blue wave’ on Election Night in Colorado means for education

> Backers of Amendment 73 look to the future as voters reject school funding measure

> Colorado State Board of Education incumbents sail to victory

> Voters approve Aurora school district tax measure with significant support

> Live blog from election night

Election Results

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> Democrats dominate New Mexico midterm election

> New Mexico set to have all-minority U.S. House delegation


> Democrats win control of U.S. House; Senate remains in GOP hands

> Democrats gain governors’ seats, but GOP holds some states

> As much of America voted, some chose not to or couldn’t

> AP survey: Health care, immigration high on voters’ minds

> Voters face long lines, machine snafus, ‘mosh pit’ crowds throughout US

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