Did a Wyoming governor candidate live in Colorado?

The Teton Range is reflected in Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. (Mark Harden/Colorado Politics)

Attorneys for the state of Wyoming are asking a judge to remove a candidate for governor from the ballot, alleging he lived recently across the state line in Colorado.

The candidate is Taylor Haynes, one of six Republicans vying in the party’s Aug. 21 primary.

The court case was sparked by a complaint to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office in June, followed by a state investigation, the Associated Press reports.

Under the state constitution, a candidate for governor must have lived in Wyoming state continuously for at least five years before the general election.

But AP reports this:

An investigation into the complaint determined that Haynes had registered to vote under an address outside Laramie that “was not a Wyoming address” from Nov. 4, 2014, to July 6, 2015, according to court papers filed by the state Attorney General on behalf of Secretary of State Ed Buchanan. The address was on Haynes’ ranch, which straddles the Wyoming-Colorado border with “all residential buildings” on the Colorado side.

Haynes argues that he is eligible to run and calls the residency allegations a “politically motivated attack.”

He tells AP that his ranch “does straddle the Wyoming-Colorado border, however, the contract for deed and the title for the ranch, including the residence, have a Wyoming address. All licenses, including driver’s licenses and license plates, taxes, utilities, registrations, fees, etc., are paid to Wyoming. There is no Colorado address in existence for the ranch and no road access to Colorado.”

He also said he has had addresses over the years elsewhere in Wyoming and now has an apartment in Laramie.

A court hearing on the matter began Wednesday in Cheyenne, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports.

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