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 An election worker takes primary ballots in Denver in June 2018.

Anxious to get started on that municipal ballot, Denver voters? You'll have to chill for a few more days.

Ballots don't go out in the mail until the week of April 15, and you may have to wait a few days after that before it arrives.

But if you want to take an early look at your ballot -- you know, just for practice -- the Denver Elections Division has just the thing for you.

It's an interactive sample ballot customized for your address -- so you can see, for example, only the city council candidates you'll be voting on.

Access it here. You'll be asked to enter the address where you're registered to vote.

The portal also has links so you  can check your registered address, update your address, find out how to register for the first time, and find out where to drop off your ballot.

(If you're not sure if you're  registered to vote, this state portal can help you.)

Once you get your ballot in the mail, you need to return it by 7 p.m. on May 7, either by mailing it back or by leaving it in a drop box.

Then you can track your ballot using the city's Ballot Trace system. Access it here.

Or you can visit one of seven Vote Centers starting April 29 to cast your ballot in person.

For general information about the Denver municipal election, click here.

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