The site of an AT&T facility at 2535 E. 40th Ave. would be redeveloped into 700 homes.

The site of an AT&T facility at 2535 E. 40th Ave. in Elyria-Swansea would be redeveloped into 700 homes.

The Denver City Council on Monday approved a rezoning proposal to allow the site of an AT&T call center in the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood to be redeveloped as 700 apartments and condos despite objections from some nearby residents.

Denverite reports that the council voted 8-4 to advance the project, with council members Debbie Ortega, Paul Lopéz, Paul Kashmann and Rafael Espinoza voting no and Wayne New absent.

The 14-acre site is at 2535 E. 40th Ave. along Clayton Street in a largely industrial area. Seventy units of affordable homes will be included in the development, along with performance space for the Wonderbound dance troupe and space for restaurants, retail and businesses.

Some neighbors told council members they wanted more time to negotiate concessions from the developer, including a fee to mitigate the impact of higher property taxes and community displacement.

Developer Iselo Investment Partners told KMGH-Denver7 in a statement that it has been negotiating with neighbors with help from a city-appointed mediator and agreed to various community benefits, but a neighborhood coalition rejected those concessions. Despite the objections, Iselo said it plans "to move forward with the benefits expressed in the agreement."




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