Denver City Council names Jolon Clark its new president

Denver City Council President Jolon Clark.

UPDATE 7/16, 6:09 p.m.: The Denver City Council elected Councilman Jolon Clark as its next president and Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore as president pro-tem. Clark is replacing Councilman Albus Brooks who served two terms as council president. 

New leadership is expected to take the helm soon at the Denver City Council.

As the body votes on new leadership roles when it convenes Monday, Denver Councilman Jolon Clark — who represents the city’s District 7, which encompasses south central neighborhoods like Baker, Valverde, Athmar Park, Overland Park and Washington Park West — is likely to be selected by his peers as new board president, Denverite reports.

As president, Clark, elected to the board in 2015 and currently president pro tem (essentially vice president), would preside over board meetings and decide committee assignments for council members. He’d also receive a pay raise: The president is compensated at $103,000, $11,000 more than Council members make. Council board presidents serve one-year terms.

Recently, Clark spearheaded a measure to increase the city tax rate to help fund park improvements and expansions. Before joining the board, he worked with communities adjacent to the South Platte River to develop distressed and underutilized park space and led an effort to create a $5 million outdoor learning park in his district that opened in May of 2015, according to this bio.

Clark’s cat also went viral on the internet, Denverite notes, when he brought it to a committee meeting about legislation outlawing cat declawing.

Clark would take over for Albus Brooks, who has served as president since 2016. Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore is expected to take over Clark’s current role as president pro tem.

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