WATCH: Aurora’s new mayor on Amazon, red-light cameras, and Steve Hogan's legacy


AURORA — Aurora City Council members appointed fellow city lawmaker Bob LeGare to mayor Monday night. He fills the vacancy left by the death of Steve Hogan last month.

After being sworn in, LeGare told a small audience in the council chambers that he plans to carry out Hogan’s vision for the city, but won’t seek the seat when it’s up for election in 2019. That’s in part because he’s newly married, he said. In his candidate application and interview with council, he added that he saw applying for the seat as his civic duty, and that he could help transition the council into new leadership.

While the mayor title is new, LeGare knows the role well. He’s served a total of 16 years on City Council between two stints.  

His appointment now leaves City Council to appoint another member to council, the at-large position LeGare leaves behind. Council will have 45 days to fill that seat.

LeGare received six votes from the City Council — first five, then LeGare raised his hand to cast a vote for himself. He was one of four candidates that emerged from a list of 13 original applicants.

The other three finalists were no stranger to City Council either.

Steve Hogan’s son Timothy Hogan received three votes, former Aurora councilwoman Renie Peterson received one vote — from Nicole Johnston, who serves in Peterson’s old seat — and former councilwoman Debi Hunter Holen received no votes.

LeGare said Monday that his role on the council is to be more of a facilitator now, compared to the strong opinions he gave as a council member. During interviews with City Council members, he made that a selling point.

“I don’t get to vote anymore, and some people will throw a party over that,” LeGare joked to the council, according to the Sentinel.

LeGare is a longtime resident of Aurora and worked in real estate before running for office. He unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2003 and for a seat on the Board of Arapahoe County Commissioners in 2016.

Steve Hogan died from cancer days after announcing on Facebook he was receiving hospice care.

“Aurora, a new dawn awaits,” he wrote in the goodbye letter. “Thank you for allowing me to live my best life.”

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