Colorado state Rep. Tom Sullivan

Colorado state Rep. Tom Sullivan, D- Centennial, goes door to door in his hometown, defending himself against a recall effort.

It seems there is no political off-season.

Residents in Centennial are still getting political mailers, social media political ads and door knocks. There is an attempt to recall their state representative, Democrat Tom Sullivan, who was elected in 2018.

Sullivan is spending his off-season going door-to-door to get residents to "decline to sign" recall petitions against him.

"I'm Tom Sullivan, I'm your state representative, I just wanted to drop this off," said Sullivan at the front door of a home near Smoky Hill Road and Piccadilly Street in Centennial.

Supporters of the recall of Sullivan have until July 12 to collect 10,035 valid signatures of registered voters in House District 37, which covers Centennial.

Sullivan sponsored the "red flag" bill that became law this year, allowing a court to require the sheriff's office to seize weapons from someone deemed a threat. He also supported the bill that would change how Colorado participates in the Electoral College.

"Our Colorado Way of Life," a committee created to fight recalls against Colorado Democrats, has already taken in $106,000 through May.

The groups trying to recall Sullivan haven't had to submit their financial reports yet. According to Dudley Brown, executive director of one of those groups, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, RMGO has spent $45,000, with $30,000 on paid petition gatherers. Brown said RMGO has not raised half of what they've spent.

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