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Here’s our recap of our best stories of the week from the  Colorado Politics staff.

> COVER STORY | 2018: CoPo's look back at the year in politics

> Polis makes first round of cabinet picks

> TRAIL MIX | Perlmutter speaks out on his Pelosi role

> INSIGHTS | It's hard to find common ground on guns

> COMMENTARY | Mattis' departure marks the end of the age of alliances

> Q&A w/Kelly Nordini | Colorado's 'not yet blue but … consistently green'

> Pentagon says U.S. military is losing its advantage with artificial intelligence

> Rep-elect Jason Crow names Iraqi immigrant as district director

> Admissions freeze favors criminal suspects for state-run psychiatric beds

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | Profile: Jared Polis

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | Inside the Polis campaign

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | Colorado's dark horses: What makes non-major-party candidates run?

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | John Hickenlooper's legacy of water

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | Illegal pot spreads on Colorado's public lands

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | Rural electric cooperatives look at cutting the cord

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | Uncertain course for Colorado's ethics watchdogs

> BEST OF COPO 2018 | What we learned about the 'U' Factor

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